Contemporary Novels

Diary of a Hustler 
by William Maltese (with Joey)
ISBN: 0952464764 
Prowler Books 
© 1997 
An international best-seller, and already a must-have for collectors, this book is pretty much as advertised. In short, it’s the reader’s opportunity to get an ongoing peek into just what it’s like to be young, good-looking, desired, and for sale. With a much-appreciated tongue-in-cheek joie de vivre, our protagonist lets us play voyeur to learn that not everyone who performs sex for a living is destined to suffer emotional consequences because of it.“Im a sucker for humor, and this author’s knack for an amusing turn of phrase can charm the pants off just about anybody, I no exception.” 
     -Chad Stuart, author, Mountain Men
“Part of the Just Eighteen series from Prowler, and described as a shocking account of the sleazy underbelly of Los Angeles, this is supposedly the frank and full-on diary hot from the mouth of an 18-year-old male prostitute — but if this is a real diary, then Oscar Wilde was right about a diary being sensational reading!” 
     -Dreaded Ned’s on-line book reviews

Thane works for Glen Mackelroy who runs an exclusive and expensive call-boy service out of a penthouse downtown. Apparently, Glen has, among others, a certain clientele, rumored bigwigs, every one, who like young boys but aren’t about to risk their jobs and/or their social standings by messing around with chicken. They make do with guys, like me, who are of age but don’t look it. Recently, at least two of Glen’s stable of pseudo chicken matured a tad too much for the ongoing tastes of Glen’s special-interest group. Glen put word on the street as to what he wanted by way of replacements.”
     I didn’t volunteer, mind you. Kenny Jones told Philip Jackson about me, who told… Well, you get the picture. Somehow word got to Glen who apprently likes what he sees but wants, now, to make sure I’ve the other potential for which he’s looking. If the whole purpose to my servicing certain men is that I have to pretend to be as innocent as I look, it takes a lot of expertise to feign virginity when you’ve not longer got it, and Glen wants to be sure I’m up to the act. Glen only deals with professionals, by way of call boys, and my session with Thane is to make damned sure I won’t balk when confronted by whatever….

Contemporary Novels Slaves 
by William Maltese (with Alex von Mann)
ISBN: 0952464799 
Prowler Books 
© 1997 
As only world-traveler William Maltese can so well do, he this time takes his reader into the exotic and steamily sexy landscape of contemporary Zanzibar. In so doing, he provides one hell of an adventure that comes (in more ways than one) filled to the brim not only with rough sex but with meaningful insight into how this isolated locale’s present (and future) is still influenced by those forever dark aspects of this island nation’s infamous slave-trade past.“…the author does a fine job of depicting Zanzibar in both its natural beauty and urban decay; the continual heat and humidity turn hotel beds into mildewed ruins, and fresh water is almost unheard of…. “ 
     -Bay Windows, Volume 16 / Number 41
“An exotically erotic and whip-cracking tale of modern Zanzibar. Beat your way to the head of the line to get your hands on this one “ 
     -Kyle Reich, author, Night of the Animals

The caves at Mangapwani were a good many miles away and accessed via a roadway even more horrendously rutted than the main highway left to get there.
The jungle had taken hold, undeterred now by the tramp of even the few sightseers who had made it that far in the best of times. Two flights of rough-hewn stone steps descended to a murky pool of stagnant water in the main cavern but didn’t admit any fresh air. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of slaves had once been packed together, at one and the same time, in that suffocating hole used by slave traders as a natural holding pen.
In contrast, the beach, just a few yards beyond was a surprising and welcome relief.
“I should have brought swimming trunks,” Jack said. He’d started sweating immediately after the comparative cool of his very early morning had given way to the greater heat that accompanied full sunrise. He hadn’t stopped sweating since. “At least the breeze off the water is a pleasant change.”
“Who says you need swimming trunks?” Konoco asked. “You see anyone here but us?”