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Dog on a Surfboard (and the rest of the adventure) 
by William Maltese (writing as Billy Lambert)
ISBN: 0595655726 
© 2003 
William Maltese (writing as Billy Lambert) exhibits his literary versatility, once again, in this feel-good tale every parent should encourage appearing at the top of his/her child’s reading list. There’s simply something thoroughly entertaining and charming about this anthropomorphic tale of a friendly surf-riding Irish Terrier, Kamehameha, and the menagerie of his friends and enemies (animal and human) encountered on an adventurous around-the-world road (and sea, and air) trip. With some covert lessons to be learned, here, about race relations, and tolerance, and a whole bunch of sometimes-need-a-bit-of-sugar-coating morals. Who wouldn’t be won over by the likes of Kamehameha, Helen Harpy, Victor Vampire, Walter White (shark), and the inquisitive and hungry jaguar twins, Jock and Jack? Don’t be surprised to find one or more of these charming characters soon must-have items to be found in the stuffed animal sections of your favorite local department stor“Dog on a Surfboard has appeal not only to children, but adults too. It follows the adventures of a strong-willed dog who gives a canine perspective to human emotions. We all wish that we could see the world through our pet’s eyes, and this book does the best job I’ve seen so far. While Lambert has written the book in a way that is appropriate for children, it definitely has emotional and psychological undertones that adults can appreciate and analyze. Bottom line: Read and enjoy!!!!” 
     -an amazon.com reviewer
“If somewhere there’s a book, other than this one, that more enticingly invites…Come on guys, make me into a motion picture!…I haven’t found it. Surfing hasn’t come off so kiddy-friendly since Gidget took to the waves!”