Short Story

Young Cruisers 
by William Maltese (with Cort Forbes)
ISBN: 0952464772 
Prowler Books 
© 1997 
World-renown William Maltese teams with author Cort Forbes for these five erotic short stories and one poem that’ll knock your socks (and various other pieces of your clothing) off. The common thread for this work is one large and urban Boyland Park after dark. Think Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Think Central Park in New York. Think all sorts of hot and heavy activities commencing when the sun goes down. Think love, hate, voyeurism, S&M;, hustling, kinky rough-sex fantasies. They’re all here and make for some enjoyably arousing reading. If the main protagonists are mainly the young, handsome, and well-hung studs from which your and my wet dreams are made, they’re just the ideal subject matter for Maltese who proves, once again, that he’s obviously been there, done that (one of the story titles, by the way), and got the T-shirt.“…an anthology about … young guys, many of whom offer their sexual services for a fee. “ 
     -Bay Windows, Volume 16 / Number 41 / Number 41
“A collection of six provocative tales … [in which the authors do] … a good job combining the realism of the cruising arena with arousing fantasy.” 
     -Beau, Volume 10 / Number 2

Eventually, I’m naked, handcuffs in-hand.

Without hesitation, Blue rolls to his belly on the stump. His legs hang over one end, his head and arms hang over the other. He puts his wrists exactly where the handcuffs, one bracelet to one wrist, can be successfully threaded through an upbowed bit of root before attachment on the other bracelet to Blue’s other wrist.

Suddenly, I’m excited as hell by him, cuffed, naked, and seemingly vulnerable.There’s something deliciously inviting about Blue’s virgin butt so willing to be paddled.

The paddle is heavy but well-balanced. Dark stains on its wood give evidence of bottoms hit hard enough to bleed.

I stand behind and slightly to one side of Blue. I connect paddle to ass, the wood to naked buttocks sending a shock wave the entire length of my arm. There’s a lingering vibration of the wood against butt before the paddle drops away. Blue’s asscheeks are immediately polka-dotted with dark circles that match the pattern of holes in the paddle.

Short Stories California Creamin’ 
by William Maltese
Second Edition 
ISBN: 1902644433 
Prowler Books 
© 2001 
They’re all here. The hustler. The cowboy. The gas jockey. The collegiate fencer. The porno star. And all the rest who made the sold-out first edition of these erotic Maltese short stories a collector’s item. Back by popular demand, in all their rutting splendor, courtesy of a Prowler Book’s rare-indeed-in-this-business second printing.

“Sure, there’s still that communing with nature that you’re always hearing about. Sure, there’s still that big thrill of being out there on a wave and knowing nothing but the wind and the wave and the slide down the glassy surface. But, surfing has lost some of its original mystical aura, because it’s usually no longer a case of just you and the wave and nature. Now, there are those twenty other surfers out there trying to maneuver on that same wave as you are. Somehow surfing and surfers have been the losers in the adoption of surfing and surfers by the masses. Not that there still aren’t loners who live expressly for each new wave. Not that there aren’t guys who insist “getting it off” on a wave is a helluva lot better than fucking some guy or some chick. Sure as hell, those aficionados of the sport are still there. It’s just that, over the years, they’ve gone from the majority to the minority. 
     What you mainly have out there, these days, are guys like me. Not that I’m shooting down my own skill on the board. Because, I’m good. You want to see someone do a good nose-dive, a spinner, a head-dip, a backward-turn, I can show them to you without having to make any excuses for my skill. But most of the guys I know are no longer apt to head out into the water at daybreak and stay there until their skin puckers up like adolescent cock after its first masturbation. There’s more to a surfer’s life these days than just wind, water, and his surfboard. We may no longer have neighborhoods locking up their kids, but that’s only because the surfers of today are those kids who used to be locked up. The majority of us are no longer loners whose lives (sex included), revolve around making it with one more great wave. We want an occasional good ride, sure. But, when the ride is over, we want something in addition. As I’ve already mentioned, heading off with a buddy or buddies to a good surfing beach does indeed offer opportunities for a little fooling around among healthy young men.

California Creamin’ 
by William Maltese
First Edition 
ISBN: 1902644042 
Prowler Press 
© 1998 
“Maltese is good. Maltese is very good. But don’t take my word for it. Take as proof the way all of us plop down our hard-earned cash to make this one literally fly off the book shelves.” 
     -Raymond Lange, author THE BOY OF THIRA“As a writer of short stories, I would have given my left nut to have written an inaugural collection as erotically good and as readable as this one.” 
     -Cort Forbes, author YOUNG CRUISERS